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BN Interiors

Best Interior Designer

Discover the best interior designer. BN Interiors design turn key projects from start to finish. Our team searches for furniture and accessories that meet your expectations in a timely manner. BN Interiors - your home is our passion!



Home Design

In addition to our custom built-in work, BN Interiors is offering home design services. Our comfortable & inviting showrooms provide an ideal setting to browse and find inspiration for your next project. We will work with you to design and plan a project that meets your needs and desires. Available only through the best in the business: BN Interiors.


Home Renovation

BN Interiors specializes in home renovation services to make your home appear easy, classy, and affordable. We offer professional advice to help you decide on "How to improve my House?" projects. Our skilled workers are trained to paint the interior of your home with vibrant colors that will stand the test of time! We also do flooring services for both hardwood and carpet.


About Us

Our real estate company has over 300 employees in nearly 25 offices across Canada and the United States, including our corporate headquarters in Toronto. We have listed property in more than 1,186 markets across North America and sold an estimated $10 billion worth of property in 2013 alone. Our innovative approach to property management people, technology and processes has set a new standard for excellence.